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Suella Braverman Makes Leadership Bid In Call For PM To Go – But Won’t Resign Herself



suella braverman

Suella Braverman
Suella Braverman (credits to google)

Attorney general Suella Braverman has turned convention on its head by calling for Boris Johnson to resign as prime minister – but has opted to stay in her job at the same time.

The press minister, who has preliminarily been a loyal supporter of the PM, also said she’ll put her name into the ring if there’s a leadership contest.

Her station raises questions over how long it’s tenable for her to remain in post – especially since communities clerk Michael Gove was sacked for disloyalty.

Attorney general questions take place at 10 am on Thursday in the Commons.

Braverman told Peston on ITV that Johnson had handled matters “ appallingly ” in recent days.
She said “ The balance has sloped now in favour of saying that the high minister – it pains me to say it – but it’s time to go. ”

On not relinquishing, she said “ My first duty is to the country, Robert, and as attorney I ’m the elderly law officer.
“ And we ’re in a extremity and I’ve statutory legal and indigenous duties ”

“ I do n’t want to abdicate because I’ve that duty. We need an attorney in government. ”
Asked whether she recognises that Johnson will likely sack her, she said “ That’s his choice, and I’ll do whatever the high minister asks me to do. ”

The PM rejected calls to quit on Wednesday. He was latterly hit with the departure of a third press minister – Welsh clerk Simon Hart – as well as Braverman’s demand.

The pullout of the attorney general’s support marks a significant shift by the QC, who was tagged as MP for Fareham in May 2015 before being appointed as the top legal functionary by Johnson in February 2020.

She came the first press- position minister to take motherliness leave and was reappointed to her clerical position in September.

During last month’s confidence vote, Braverman expressed stopgap the PM would win the bean with a large periphery.

The Euro- sceptic had been a supporter of Johnson since her days as the president of the Brexit- backing European Research Group.

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