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Drew Barrymore embraces the rain with childlike joy and fans can’t get enough



Drew Barrymore is reminding suckers that rain is beautiful.

In a videotape posted Sunday, The Drew Barrymore Show” host participated a clip of herself outside smiling and enjoying the rain.

” Whenever you can go out into the rain don’t miss the occasion!” the 47- time-old actress cried with gaiety .

And the internet can not feel to get enough. Her post has entered nearly,000 likes on Instagram and over 2 million on TikTok.

” I want to love anything as much as Drew Barrymore loves everything. Perfection,” wrote content creator Michael Brown in a tweet participating the clip.

” She’s the most full of joy, funny, darling person ever. As you can tell. This is really her,” wrote actress Kristen Johnston.
” You ’re amazing,” reflected editor Michelle Lee on the Instagram post.

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While the response was substantially positive, some blamed the actress for exhibiting her wealth and honor.

” Not having to worry about plutocrat seems amazing,” Twitter [email protected] wrote.
But others defended Barrymore by reminding suckers that Barrymore endured rigors as a youthful actress.

” People being rude about this easily forget how important Drew Barrymore went through as a child star,” Nọ́lá Ọjọ́mú twittered.” The fact she lives a life filled with soooo important joy makes me smile every time.”

Another addict was reminded of playing in the rain as a sprat.” When I saw this earlier moment, I felt like I was looking at the little Drew, who did n’t have a chance at a normal nonage, playing in the rain in her adult body. I ’m so happy for her.”

Barrymore rose to fame for her part in”E.T. theExtra-Terrestrial” when she was 7 times old. She latterly grappled with alcohol and medicine dependence , going to recovery at the age of 12 and returning at 13 times old.

Drew barrymore (credits to google)

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Barrymore has opened up about her father, actor John Drew Barrymore, being a violent alcoholic, and her mama who plodded with maternal responsibility. Her parents disassociated when she was 9.

In an 2015 interview, Barrymore told the Guardian that her 14- time-old tone imagined having a happy life at the age of 40 despite being consumed by so important negativity.

” I was so spooked of not knowing where I was going. I really had a fear that I was going to die at 25,” Barrymore said, adding that indeed when effects got dark, she always had a sense there should be virtuousness.” I noway went all the way into darkness. There were so numerous effects I could have done that would have pushed me over the edge and I just knew not to go there. ”

Barrymore went on to have a successful film career, starring in” Charlie’s Angels,”” 50 First Dates” and” Scream,” to name a many. Her talk show premiered in 2020. She shares two daughters, Olive, 9, and Frankie, 8, withex-husband Will Kopelman.

” I try to make my life a playground for them,” Barrymore told USA TODAY in 2020.” They know I am passionate about work, and work is a awful and necessary thing.”

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