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Marie Helvin, who dated the Duchess of Cornwall’s brother talks working in supermarket



Marie Helvin
Marie Helvin credits to google

MARIE HELVIN, who once famously dated the Duchess of Cornwall’s brother, has admitted she would consider working in a supermarket after she “used up most of her savings”.

Supermodel Marie Helvin, 69, who has dated notorious men including Marlon Brando, Warren Beaty and cricketer turned Pakistan high minister Imran Khan, has reportedly opened up about her recent fiscal straits. The 1970s model also enjoyed a four- time relationship with the Duchess of Cornwall’s conservationist family, Mark Shand, who failed after an accident in 2014 aged 62.

In a new interview, the American- born model has revealed she has considered applying for a job in a supermarket as a cashier after the epidemic used up her savings.

The former supermodel admitted she’s doubtful what she’s going to do about her fiscal situation and has considered moving back to Hawaii where she grew up.

Marie, who lives in London, spoke candidly about her plutocrat straits and added ageism isn’t a factor in theU.S. Pacific Ocean state.

” I ’m fully tone- reliant, and I do n’t know what I’m going to do, because during the epidemic period, I ’ve used up utmost of my savings now and I ’m seriously allowing about going home,” she explained.

Marie, who introduced Princess Diana to Dodi Fayed at an Aids Trust ball at Cliveden in 1989, admitted she’d not consider working in a supermarket in London.

” They’ve lower smirch about age with getting jobs,” the former model went on.
” You can get a job at Whole Foods( supermarket chain) in your 80s in America.”

She added to the Third Act podcast” Put it this way, I would n’t apply to work in Whole Foods then in England. But back home in Hawaii, if I demanded to, I ’d go there and work.”

Marie was preliminarily married to shooter David Bailey but the couple disassociated in 1985.

Following their split, the model walked down with a divorce agreement of£,000.

She also went on to date the Duchess of Cornwall’s family, Mark, as she opened up about the couple’s love.

” Mark was the sweetest, kindest, most loving person,” Marie said.” I was so stupid and foolish and I did n’t realise that at the time, as you infrequently do.”

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