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Due to strike Greater Anglia cancels 90% of trains on Saturday



Greater Anglia

A train company has urged people not to travel on its services on Saturday due to drivers striking over pay.

Greater Anglia said further than 90 of its services would not run due to action by members of the union Aslef.

Nigel Gibson, from Aslef, said members had” been left with no volition” but to carry a walk- eschewal.
Jonathan Denby from Greater Anglia said the company was” veritably keen to get to an agreement as soon as possible that is in everyone’s interest”.

Greater Anglia
Greater Anglia

The company said there would be no Greater Anglia trains between Cambridge North, Cambridge and London Liverpool Street.
The Norwich- London Liverpool Street intercity service would be limited to six trains in each direction across the whole day, with the last train back to Norwich at 2130 BST.

The Colchester- London Liverpool Street and Stansted Express services would also have reduced hours and significantly smaller trains, with after launch and earlier finish times than normal.

There would also be no rail relief motorcars because of the strikes, the company said.

Sunday services would start latterly in the morning than usual due to the 24- hour strike.
Bev Stokes, who was due to trip by train to a ordnance N’ Roses gig at Tottenham Hotspur’s colosseum on Saturday, said the strike had” really scuppered” her plans.

” Whilst I’ve a small quantum of sympathy, I am not sympathetic with the quantum of dislocation they are causing to their guests,” she said.
Mr Denby, head of commercial affairs at Greater Anglia, said” Unfortunately we are prompting people to avoid using our services where at all possible hereafter( Saturday) because there’s a oppressively reduced service.”

Mr Gibson, quarter organiser for Aslef, said” It’s clearly not commodity our members want to see taking place but we have been left with no volition.
” This disagreement is about pay.

” Our members worked during the epidemic, getting people to and from work and putting their lives and their families lives at threat.
” There hasn’t been a pay rise since April 2019 and Greater Anglia aren’t coming forward with anything formative.”

Mr Denby said” We are veritably much trying to to the deal.
” There are addresses going on at an assiduitylevel.We want to get a pay rise for workers across all train drivers.”

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