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New trailer for ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ offers first look at Christian Bale’s villain



Marvel Workrooms have released the alternate caravan for Thor Love And Thunder, showing off the first look at Christian Bale’s unlawful Gorr The God Butcher.

The caravan premiered during Game 4 of the NBA Eastern Conference Tests, with director Taika Waititi( who also voices theex-Kronan legionnaire Korg) teasing its addition with stars Chris Hemsworth( Thor) and Tessa Thompson( Valkyrie) over the weekend. His Korg character narrates the caravan, telling a group of alien children “ the story of the space viking, Thor Odinson ”.

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Have a look at the new caravan for Thor Love And Thunder over.

Featured prominently in the caravan is Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, whose appearance in Thor Love And Thunder marks her first in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2013’s Thor The Dark World.
She was specially absent from 2017’s Thor Ragnarok – an rejection Portman opened up about two times after its release. The new film will address Foster’s time down from the spotlight, during which she gained superpowers and espoused the Potent Thor mantle.

Applying the fabulous armament Mjölnir alongside Thor and Valkyrie – who in Punishers Endgame was named the King of New Asgard – Thor Love And Thunder will see Potent Thor go head- to- head with Gorr The God Butcher, who in the caravan declares that “ all gods will die ”.
Also appearing in the film will be the Greek god Zeus( played by Russell Crowe), who looks to immure Thor during an excursion to Olympus. The full Guardians Of The Galaxy platoon, who appeared prominently in the first caravan, will show up, too, though they only pop up compactly in the new caravan, and do n’t appear at all on the new poster.

Though unconfirmed, it’s possible we ’ll see Idris Elba return as Heimdall for Thor Love And Thunder – despite his character’s death in 2018’s Punishers Perpetuity War – with Elba teasing his future in the MCU last July. Melissa McCarthy was also spotted shooting scenes for the film last March; she ’ll reportedly star as a fake interpretation of Hela, the villain played by Cate Blanchett in Thor Ragnarok.

Waititi has called Thor Love And Thunder the “ craziest ” film he’s ever made, saying in a recent interview “ It’s nearly like it should n’t bemade.However, ‘ I want this and this and this, If you walked into a room and said. ’ Who’s in it? ‘ These people. ’ What are you going to call it? ‘ Love And Thunder. ’ I mean, you ’d noway work again. Perhaps I wo n’t after this. ”

Due to hit playhouses on July 8, Thor Love And Thunder will be 29th film in the MCU, following the release of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness before this month. It’ll also follow the Disney premiere ofMs. Marvel on June 8, ahead of the premiere of She- Gawk on August 17.

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