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‘Auntie Susu’ actress Mona Hammond dies at 91



Mona Hammond
Mona Hammond credits to google

‘Auntie Susu’ actress Mona Hammond diesTributes pour in for the trailblazer of stage and screen who also set up the Talawa Theatre Company.

Paeans swamped in as news spreads of the death of fabulous actress Mona Hammond, the Desmond’s star.

A well- known face of stage and screen, Hammond was also aco-founder of the Talawa Theatre Company, to boost black products and give further openings to aspiring black pens and directors.

Known for her contagious personality, Hammond was described as a trailblazer and had to her name Screen Nation’s loftiest award and an OBE for services to drama.

But she’ll be stylish flashed back for her depiction of Auntie Susu from the sitcom Desmond’s, and Blossom Jackson in Eastenders.

The Jamaican- born actress arrived in Britain in 1959 as one of the Windrush generation, and soon graduated from the prestigious amusement academy RADA before starting her six decade-long amusement career.

ITV news presenter Charlene White twittered “ Mona Hammond, a trailblazer in every way. Thank- you ❤️ xx ” Former Eastenders actress Michelle Gayle wrote “ A trailblazer. A Queen. RIP Mona Hammond. ”

Entrepreneur Tru Powell said “ Thank you for remonstrating the door open so numerous can walk through. ” And motley Angie le Mar added “ Thank you Mona Hammond OBE for leading the way. Big Respect to you RIP 👑 ❤ ”

Hammond, born Mavis Chin, was born to a Jamaican mama and Chinese father in Clarenden in 1931.

She came an actress while working for a establishment of engineers and her big break was playing Lady MacBeth at the Roundhouse in 1970.

numerous other prominent places followed, but she’ll be stylish flashed back for her ridiculous Auntie Susu in Desmond’s, a character numerous of her suckers could identify with.

She was 91 and is survived by her son and a granddaughter.

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