NBA Finals game in act of defiance

By: GlobaleNews

Stephen Curry produces his best NBA Finals game in act of defiance

More than the usual excellence was required from the Golden State Warriors, more than just winning a road game for the 27th straight series

But it was his most desperate and determined performance — 43 points, 10 rebounds, four assists in a series-turning 107-97 Game 4 win at TD Garden

But they were much younger men then and can’t afford the variance. Curry can’t afford to waste a step of motion this series

playing with the concentration and awareness this all falls on those once-slender, now-sleek shoulders

By comparison, Curry is the healthiest player of the experienced ones, best equipped for desperation and explosion

Thompson gamely competed even after missing wide-open looks, then hit that go-ahead triple with 4:24 left for a lead they wouldn’t relinquish

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